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Periodontology is the branch of dentistry which treats the diseases and conditions of the gums, the periodontal tissues and the supporting structures of the teeth. The periodontal diseases lead to the shrinkage of the gums, which can cause the losing of the teeth and other severe complications on the long term.


A healthy smile is very attractive but a plaque free and clean set of teeth are not only important to look good. It ensures to keep our teeth for our entire life. Our oral hygienists are the first step to create the smile you want to have.


The up-to-date technique of restoring the missing teeth is the placement of implants in the edentulous area. Implantation counts as a separate branch of oral surgery and according to this, there is a dedicated page on our website that explains this in detail.


Irregular teeth are not only unfavorable for esthetic reasons, but they also restrict the proper masticatory function.


Some of the dental diseases and injuries requires surgical interventions such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, sinus floor elevation or implantation. Our surgical team is highly trained and skilled to cover all spectrum of oral surgery.


Conservative dentistry is the branch of dentistry which aims to keep the teeth in the mouth as long as possible. The goal of the conservative treatments is to correct the not too severe defects of the teeth thereby restoring their function and esthetical appearance.

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