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Dr. Örs Bajusz med. dent.
Dentist, Periodontologist

Professional Head

My main principle as a specialized periodontologist is to keep the own teeth of the patient as long as possible and use them to make long lasting restorations that suit the patient’s facial characteristics and personality. I finished my secondary school studies in the Ságvári Highschool in Szeged and I also studied in the South African Republic. I got my qualification in dentistry and my post-graduate diploma in periodontology at the University of Szeged.  I got professional experience from dental practices in Trier and Paris.

During my time spent abroad I saw and learned the know-how of procedures (plastic gum surgery and bone augmentation) yet not so well known in Hungary, that enable to save teeth that would be extracted in a lot of other clinics and that ensure the long-term survival of the implants.

I use the SMART Guide technology to guarantee maximal safety and minimal inconvenience for my patients during the implantation. The planning of the surgical procedure is done with a special software and after selecting the optimal positions for the implants a surgical template is printed with a 3D printer, which is used during the placement of the implants to ensure the precise positioning.

I supervise the work of dentists and act as a permanent consultant in numerous Hungarian dental clinics. I am committed to ensure the high quality of the dental treatments implemented by my colleagues, and to grant the satisfaction of the patients.

Dr. Endre Varga med. dent.
Dentist, Dentoalveolar surgeon
Dr. Ágnes Györgyey med. dent.
Dentist, Dentoalveolar surgeon
Dr. Kristóf Buzás med. dent.
Dr. Balázs Kocsis med. dent.
Dr. Flóra Bandula med. dent.
Dentist, Dento-alveolar surgeon
Lili Lengyel
Praxis manager
Vivien Ács
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